The Art of Fused Glass

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Kiln Formed glass, Fused glass, Warm glass; all terms which describe segments or characteristics of the process of creating glass forms. Manipulation of glass through the medium of heat can result in exotic and seemingly magical shapes and effects.

The process can be as simple as cutting a square or round piece of glass, placing it in the kiln over a ceramic mold, and heating it enough to make it start moving. It will slump into or over the mold and assume its shape.

More exotic sculptures are created through careful design, structure and application of heat utilizing custom molds of ceramic or stainless steel.

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Fused Glass has been transformative in my life.


-Denis Carey

Fused Glass

Fused Glass has been transformative in my life. The challenge of creating unique, beautiful, glass pieces through kiln forming has stimulated the development and expansion of my artistic imagination and creative expression.

Mystery and Magic are an integral part of fused glass creations and I was excited to delve into a medium I had never experienced. It required learning the mysterious properties of glass; how it responded when subjected to heat and gravity.

Creating and Discovering

Unique fused glass pieces can be created by combining elements of design and temperature control with specific forming molds.

When opening the kiln in the morning I am frequently delighted with the magic that occurred during the firing process; from an arrangement of flat pieces of glass to a lovely, artistic creation

I am very grateful for having discovered an artistic endeavor which utilizes many of the elements I enjoyed in the practice of dentistry; science, technology, engineering and math, plus esthetic design.

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