About the Artist

Fused Glass has been transformative in my life.

Denis Carey

Unique fused glass pieces are created by combining elements of design and temperature control with specific forming molds.  Gravity is the most important element and makes everything happen.

When opening the kiln in the morning I am frequently delighted with the magic that occurred during the firing process; from an arrangement of flat pieces of glass to a lovely, artistic creation

I am very grateful for having discovered an artistic endeavor which utilizes many of the elements I enjoyed in the practice of dentistry; science, technology, engineering and math, plus esthetic design.

My Blog pages describe the process and transformation

When people see my Glass Work, they most frequently ask:

How did you get started doing that?

After practicing dentistry for 43 years I was ready for a new challenge.  When the door of the dental office closed behind me I felt a very large door open in front of me.  It was the door of opportunity to do whatever I chose without the pressure of dentistry.  I had thought about retirement in a positive way for many years and the challenge of doing something artistic was always high on my list.

When my children were young I began playing chess with one of my sons and developed an interest in chess sets.  I decided in retirement to make some chess sets out of a variety of materials:  wood, clay, welded metal, cast bronze, blown glass and even gold and silver.  After experimenting with all of these materials I finally came upon fused glass.  I took a class and made a chess set, but I wasn’t satisfied with the result. I needed more instruction.  After 6 months of fused glass classes, I bought a kiln and started fusing.  That was June, 2007.   I continued taking classes and making things and eventually had a sale at my house in October 2008.  It was well received and I was off and running with a hobby which has turned into a business.  Now, some years later, I have not yet made the chess set, but it is still on my list of things to do.

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