I Never Would Have Thought…

Fused Glass has been transformative in my life. Having led a very traditional life of school, marriage, career, raising a family and finally retirement, I found myself looking ahead without a clear path. During my work years as a dentist, there seemed to have been a formula for doing the kinds of things that made life interesting and satisfying.

Now the direction was less clear. Sure, retirement can offer countless opportunities for recreation, continuing education, volunteer activities, etc. However when walking out the door after my last day of work, a feeling of freedom and excitement came over me that was unlike anything I had ever experienced during those wonderful years of work and family.

My work had finished. My children were all gainfully employed. Although I lost my wife to cancer, we had grieved together during her lengthy illness and I had regained the gusto of life which had served me well in the past. This was a once in a lifetime chance to think and function in ways that had formerly seemed out of reach.

As most children I had enjoyed coloring books and tried drawing with very limited success, but never really considered myself an artist. Still, frequently while working, I thought about trying some art venue when I had time. Now I have time. After indulging my eclectic spirit with classes in many art venues I discovered fused glass. It was particularly intriguing because I had never heard of it and would not recognize a piece of glass as being fused.

The process of deciding on fused glass as my chosen venue was indirect to say the least but at this time, 10 years later, I can’t imagine any other choice being as satisfying. Setting up a fused glass studio in the basement storage room and experimenting in a magical medium has resulted in fulfilling my quest to become creatively productive in retirement.

The challenge of creating unique, beautiful, glass pieces through kiln forming has stimulated the development and expansion of an artistic imagination and creative expression I didn’t know existed.

Future blogs will describe the process of finding the perfect retirement pastime for me and the road traveled in developing entirely unique glass designs.

The retrospective page of this website shows the wide-ranging experiments which have brought me to this juncture. I’m anxious to see what’s next.

Denis Carey

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